Welcome to Martinez & Morales, CPAs and QuickBooks Consultants

Would you like to take control of your business accounting and reduce the monthly costs involved?  At Martinez & Morales we can help you relieve your monthly business expenses and, answer the small business’ number one question: Where is the CASH?  How can I make sure the CASH is there to pay my suppliers, employees and most importantly, ME?

Our professionals visualize the whole business picture and plan appropriate strategies to achieve your business goals.  We serve small and mid-size privately owned companies and non-profit organizations in various industries.  Your financial information is our focus and we assess your accounting books to ensure it comply with the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and your information systems have in place the most essentials information technology controls.

We offer QuickBooks® training to help you keep all your financial records up to date from the convenience of your offices. See more detail in our QuickBooks® Consulting page.

We are fully bilingual, English / Spanish.

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